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The Apartment Association of Nebraska promotes high professional standards for the multifamily housing industry.

Resident Assistance

I am a resident and am having issues with my apartment/landlord, can you help?

The Apartment Association of Nebraska is a professional trade organization for property owners and management companies.  We are unable to assist residents or respond to resident related questions.  If you have a problem with your rental home, we recommend that you speak to your property manager and/or landlord.  If you are having legal issues, we recommend that you contact an attorney who specializes in landlord-tenant law.

If you are struggling to pay rent due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you may be eligible for rental assistance.  Please refer to the Rental Assistance Finder.

My lease has the AAN name at the top of it, can you answer questions about my lease or provide me with a copy of my lease?

While you are entitled to a copy of your lease, the AAN does not have copies of any leases and are unable to assist you with questions regarding your lease.  If you need a new copy of your lease, you will need to contact your management company.

What does the Apartment Association of Nebraska do?

The Apartment Association of Nebraska’s purpose is to provide industry education, legislative support, and professional networking for our members.  Membership with the AAN is voluntary and is limited to only property owners and management companies (with benefits flowing down to the employees of said members) and to affiliated companies that provide products or services to the apartment industry.

I am looking for an apartment, can you help?

The AAN is not an apartment community or an apartment finder although we have several members that can help you to locate your new home. 

What are my rights as a resident?

Landlord and Tenant Handbook

I need help with rent payments.

Legal Aid Nebraska

Rental Housing Information/HUD

Public Housing Authorities in Nebraska

Military Service Members & families
Community Alliance
Omaha Housing Authority

United Way