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Diamond Sponsor
Diamond Sponsor Diamond Sponsor Logo on Board Agenda & Minutes ($600) Logo on...
Member Price: $7,000/yr
Gold Sponsor
Gold Sponsor Gold Sponsor Gold AAN Dollars to use at your...
Member Price: $4,000/yr
Platinum Sponsor
Platinum Sponsor Platinum Sponsor Platinum $150 AAN Bonus Bucks to be used throughout the year...
Member Price: $5,000/yr
Silver Sponsor
Silver Sponsor Silver Sponsor Benefit Silver AAN Dollars to be used at your...
Member Price: $3,000/yr
Legislative Donation - Optional The following are issues that the AAN worked on in 2019: Passed legislation to provide...
Suggested Donation: $35
NMA Diamond Sponsorship
NMA Diamond Sponsorship Partner designation and company logo on ALL NMA Marketing Quarterly in-classroom expert...
Suggested Donation: $5,000
NMA Platinum Sponsorship
NMA Platinum Sponsorship Category sponsorship and company logo in all NMA marketing materials Featured product...
Suggested Donation: $2,500
NMA Gold Sponsorship
NMA Gold Sponsorship Company logo on ALL NMA marketing materials Option to bring in your experts for...
Suggested Donation: $1,200
NMA Community Support Sponsor
NMA Community Support Sponsor As a Bronze Sponsor, your company will be promoted as a supporter of the Nebraska...
Suggested Donation: $750