Membership Agreement

Regular and Supplier Members

This application is made in accordance with and subject to the bylaws and articles of incorporation of the Apartment Association of Nebraska, Inc. By choosing to join, I agree to abide by the Code Of Ethics of the Association. I hereby apply for membership and enclose payment for the first year's dues. (Invoices for the prorated portion of the second year's dues will be sent on or prior to December 1st of each membership year.) Dues payments to the Association may be deductible as a business expense but are not deductible as a charitable contribution. A portion of the dues, however, is not deductible as a business expense to the extent that AAN engages in lobbying. The nondeductible portion of dues for 2021 is 10%. Dues payments are non-refundable. Processing of application takes approximately 4-6 weeks. Upon approval by the Board of Directors, new members will be notified. In the event of termination of membership for any reason, the member agrees to discontinue the use of the Association's insignia, products, and signs in any form. All contact information provided to the AAN in the application may be used to contact me (address, phone, fax, email, etc.) about AAN products and services and those of affiliated organizations.