Membership Agreement

Regular and Supplier Members

Membership in the Apartment Association of Nebraska, Inc.  (AAN) shall be open to a corporation, partnership, firm or person that:  (1) agrees to abide by the provision of the By-Laws and policies of the AAN and, (2) fulfill the requirements of at least one of the classifications of membership of AAN and, (3) completes a membership application with dues payment according to the schedule and, (4) meets the approval of the Board of Directors of the AAN.  All members in this category are concurrently members of the National Apartment Association, otherwise known as NAA and are subject to the NAA by-laws. Thirty dollars of your annual membership dues goes toward a one year subscription to UNITS Magazine and is non-deductible from association dues payment. Membership renews on an annual basis. In compliance with the Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1993, 15% of your annual membership dues goes towards lobbying expenses, and is nondeductible for association dues payments.  All Memberships are automatically renewed each year unless the AAN is notified in writing prior to January 1st.