Proposed Change to Restriction of Disclosure of Resident Information to Others

Posted By: Gene Eckel Legislative Updates,

There are times when you as an owner or property management company may be asked to provide information on a tenant to a third-party.  For example, when a resident’s dog bites another resident and the Humane Society wants the name and contact information on the resident that owns the dog.  Paragraph 17 of the NAA Lease, however, doesn’t allow you to provide that information unless the resident consents to the release of such information.  The NAA Lease will only allow you to provide information on a resident’s rent payment record and the amount of payment.  So what do you do?  Board member Gene Eckel, who is on the NAA Lease Advisory Committee, suggests adding the following language to the Special Provisions section on page 7 of the NAA Lease:


Notwithstanding any other provision in this Lease Contract, we will provide information on you if requested by law enforcement or fire and rescue service, a governmental entity, a court of competent jurisdiction, local animal care and control agency or required by subpoena from a third-party.