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Nebraska Maintenance Academy Education

Check out recent NMA and Toolbox graduates

Maintenance Toolbox Certificate of Completion

Furnace Intensive

Jeff Coffey
Steve Brestel
Tad Hannasch

Appliance Repair 3 Day Intensive 

Kahle Jurgena
Michael Clark
Felix Magana
Kevin Risteau
Mike Green
Kamron Smith
Nathan Smith
Ivan Iilans
Ronnie Haskell
McClain Reed
Weston Poor
Keith Holmes
Scott Hassan
David Tackett
Kevin Peterson
Jordan Whelan
Kevin Wilson

HVAC 2 Day Intensive

Hector Guardado- 5/2/19
Dalton Miles- 5/2/19
Dane Bragg- 5/2/19
Kevin Graham- 5/2/19
Josh Navarette- 5/2/19
Patrick Case- 5/2/19
Cameron Morris- 5/2/19
William Dollar- 8/2/19
Jeff Bazis- 5/2/19
Kevin Peterson- 8/2/19
Mitchel Keizer- 8/2/19
Brian Fisher- 8/5/19
Justin Andrews- 10/25/19
David Haven- 10/25/19
Shawn Cook 10/25/19

HVAC 3 Day Intensive with EPA 608

Juan Crawford- 8/5/19
Brian Sears- 8/5/19
Gino Vinco- 8/5/19
Steven Shipley- 10/27/19
Kyle Sharp- 10/27/19
Matt Grohs- 10/27/19
Aaron Williamson- 10/27/19

Certified Apartment Maintenance Technician (CAMT)

Nebraska Maintenance Academy Graduates

Ross Schumacher
Tinno Dosseh
Torrance Meeks
Jake Muhle
Brandon Sanchez
Charles Tourek
Riley Watters
Anthony Humbert
Korby Vrebka
Kris Ross
Jyrad Allen
Lucas Wilson

Thank you to our 2020 Sponsors

"Roto-Rooter Service Company would like to congratulate the Graduates of The Nebraska Maintenance Academy.  The partnership between RRSC and the NMA is a perfect marriage.  The education and training the candidates receive, will be instrumental in the properties once these candidates are placed.  This not only changes the life of each person within the program, but will elevate the skill set within each property driving property ratings and happy tenants.  Roto-Rooter looks forward to training and developing the Plumbing needs for future classes of The NMA!!"

Michael Jackson, General Manager, Roto-Rooter Services Company
5711 F Street, Omaha, NE 68117 | 402-592-2701 (Office)

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