Empower Hour: Risk Management with Rich George via ZOOM

Protecting People, Property And Reputation

Wednesday, June 15, 2022
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (CDT)
Risk Management
28 Seats Remaining
28 Seats Remaining

A Session by Rich George, CAPS, CHPE, HOM, Broker NOI Coach & ApartMentor

About This Session: As Asset Managers, we are charged with the sometimes-overwhelming task of protecting our property in this litigious world in which we live. In this session Rich looks at Risk Management from the view of operations, not legal. Do you want to run your business not based on fear, but based on what brings the highest and best results without accepting an enormous amount of risk? Participants in this program will leave the room with a clear understanding of determining and rationalizing risk and when to take strategic business risks.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Participant will identify what to protect, People, Property and Reputation

  2. Participants will embrace what is “Acceptable Risk”

  3. Participants will master the art of minimizing risk

    through behaviors

  4. Participants will gain the courage to no longer fear

    the inherent risks in business

Session Outline: In this informative and entertaining session, participants will learn to stop treating their residents and employees as potential defendants.

  1. Introduction to session and topic

    1. What is Risk Management?

    2. What do we need to protect?

    3. Loss Control and Loss Mitigation

  2. Mapping Risk

    1. Evaluating and prioritizing risk

    2. Elements of common law

    3. Acceptable risk

  3. Summary

a. Minimizing Risk with behavior


28 Seats Remaining
28 Seats Remaining

Presented By: Rich George, NOI Coach

Rich George, is the Founder of NOI Coach, a business coaching, consulting and training firm based in Michigan and Apartmentors a collection of industry thought leaders focused on talent development. A successful executive with over 25 years of experience, Rich brings a passion for employee development and culture building. Rich’s background includes the management of over 2 billion dollars of real-estate, and over 100 million dollars of capital re-investment. Known for his team building, culture changing, and leadership skills, Rich inspires audiences nationwide.

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