Gene Eckel Memorial Sand Volleyball Tournament

Friday, May 10, 2024
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (CDT)
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18 Seats Remaining
18 Seats Remaining
Category: Fundraiser

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    18 Seats Remaining
    18 Seats Remaining

    AAN Sand Volleyball Rules:

    Team Composition:
    Teams must consist of at least 2 females. (Teams may consist of all females.)
    Each team will consist of 6 players on the court at a time, with a minimum of 1 female player on the court during play.
    Teams may have up to 8 people per team. Allowing 2 additional players for substitution purposes, but only 6 players are allowed on the court during gameplay.

    Matches will be played as best-of-three sets.
    Rally Scoring
    Sets will be played to 21 points, with a two-point advantage required to win. If a third set is needed, it may be played to 15 points.
    Serve and Serve Receive:
    Service order may be decided by a coin toss or other agreed-upon method before the match begins.
    The serve must be made from behind the back boundary line.
    Players must rotate positions clockwise after winning a rally and earning the right to serve.

    Each team is allowed a maximum of three hits to return the ball over the net.
    Players are not allowed to hit the ball twice consecutively.
    A player may not make contact with the net at any time during play, except for hair or clothing grazing.
    No Spiking 
    The ball is considered in play if it lands on the boundary lines.
    The tournament will be a double elimination, therefore each team will get to play at least twice. 
    Behavior and Sportsmanship:
    Good sportsmanship is expected from all players and teams.
    Matches will not be officiated and you will play by an honor system.

    You will be required to sign a liability waiver to play.