Lunch & Learn: Multifamily Budget Training with Ron Price

Understanding and Creating Budgets

Thursday, August 11, 2022
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (CDT)
14 Seats Remaining
14 Seats Remaining

Property Managers and Regional Managers, we strongly recommend you attend this high level training.

Overview of this Class:

Operating without a budget can lead to financial hazards in the multifamily industry. Learn why budgets are necessary, what information makes up a budget, how to decipher what a budget tells us, and how to create a basic budget for your community. If the community does not keep that in mind daily, it won’t stay in business for long. To reach those goals, you need a solid plan. Multifamily budget training shows where you’ve been, where you are, and where you hope to be. When you can read and understand a budget, you’ll see the stories of your community leaping from the numbers. You may also find, like many people, that managing a budget becomes an exciting contest of winning the battle between profit and loss!

Key Take-a-Ways

  • Why Do I Need a Budget?
  • Reading a Budget
  • Creating a Budget

Ron Price, serves on the AAN Board and excited to deliver his knowledge and expertise on Budgeting.  

You Don't Want To Miss This Training!



14 Seats Remaining
14 Seats Remaining

Presented by: Ron Price MBA, CPM

Ron Price, is the Director of Asset Managment and New Business for NP Dodge Management Company. Ron, maintains a thorough understanding of all factors affecting markets and submarkets associated with the portfolio, including demographics and changes in supply and demand. Develop and implement short, intermediate and long-term positioning strategies to optimize portfolio value. Provide revenue enhancement and cost reduction guidance to management companies and/or individual properties. Provide support for special projects such as acquisitions, dispositions, recapitalizations and expansions. Develop constructive working relationships with a variety of internal and external constituencies and ensures compliance with third party agreeents. Ron also review financial and complete period-end reports. 

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