Stars Of Excellence Awards Night

Nominate for the best of the best!

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Please help us to recognize the industry's best at our annual Stars of Excellence Awards!  Be sure to review the nomination requirements and please note that this year there is a $5.00 fee per nomination.

All nominees must submit a minimum of 2 pictures

Letters of recommendations are required

The nominee must be in their role/position for 1 year unless they are being nominated for the Rookie of the Year which is a minimum of 6 months but no more than 18 months

A winner from the past 2 years in any category will not be considered for this years awards in that same category.

More Frequently Asked Questions:  Stars FAQ

Categories for the 2019 Stars Awards

Maintenance Supervisor          Rookie of the Year (Regular Member)

Maintenance Technician           Rookie of the Year (Supplier Member)

Regional Supervisor                Supplier Representative

Community Manager               Supplier Company

Community Team                   Property of the Year

Assistant Manager                  Best Lease-Up

Leasing Professional               Affordable Property

Leasing Manager                    Luxury Property

Best Marketing Campaign       Renovated Property

Grounds-Housekeeping           Curb Appeal

Corporate Support Staff          Interior Designer